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Try These Coping Statements for Anxiety…

Coping statements are a tool that I use with many of my clients who feel anxious or overwhelmed. These positive statements can help you cultivate attitudes of accepting and allowing the needed time to pass during a panic attack.

Many of my clients actually find it helpful to write some of their favorite/most useful coping statements down on a small piece of paper or index card, and keep this as a reminder or ‘cheat sheet’ with them at all times (you can slide it into your wallet or purse).

Once you feel anxious or a panic attack sensation coming on, simply pull out the small piece of paper or repeat a single statement over and over in your mind. Deep breathing also helps!

Perhaps some of these coping statements will help you:

– This feeling isn’t comfortable or pleasant, but I can accept it.

– I can be anxious and still deal with this situation.

– I can handle these symptoms or sensations.

– This isn’t an emergency. It is okay to think slowly about what I need to do.

– I am going to go with this and wait for my anxiety to decrease.

– This is an opportunity for me to learn to cope with my fears.

– There is no need to push myself. I can take as small a step forward as I choose and feel comfortable with.

– I can do my coping strategies and allow this to pass.

– These are just thoughts…not reality.

– I don’t need these thoughts, I can choose to think differently.

– Fighting and resisting this isn’t going to help – so I’ll just breathe, relax and let it pass.

Remember that panic is caused by a sudden surge of adrenaline in the body. If you can allow/float with the bodily panic reaction caused by this surge, much of this adrenaline will be metabolized and reabsorbed in three-five minutes. Remember, panic attacks are time limited…and you can use these coping statements (along with your deep breathing) to help combat them.

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