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Trusting Our Decisions…

Over the course of our lifetime we are faced with making many decisions; some are big and some are small, some are life changing and some are insignificant.  Some of us are very good at making decisions, and when I say “very good, ” I mean that some people have an ability to make decisions with confidence. For all the rest of us, it is a daunting task that we must sometimes revisit on a daily basis.

We question our decisions because we don’t think we have enough knowledge or life experience to make an informed decision, we are scared about the outcomes of our decisions or sometimes we are just scared of making the “wrong decisions!” Our internal mistrust and fear can make it difficult to feel secure with our choices.

Have you ever been sailing?   When the wind is at your back, it makes getting to your destination fairly easy hence the term “smooth sailing.”  On the other hand, when we are facing the wind, it is impossible to get from one point to another on a linear path. The boat must be veered off course into unchartered territory, zigzagging to the final destination.   With time and patience it is ALWAYS possible to get there.  If you never go against the wind, then you never truly learn how to sail.  Similarly, some decisions might throw us off course into uncharted territories of our life, but that doesn’t mean that they are wrong decisions.  If every decision we made lead to a life of smooth sailing then we would never hone the life skills needed to go against the wind.

The next time you are faced with a difficult decision, try to remember that:

No one has all the answers.  No one person has all the answers to all the world’s problems or has experienced everything life has to offer.  Therefore, no one has the advantage of making the perfect decision.  Not even Einstein got it right on the first try!  So why do we hold ourselves to such high standards?  Trust that as you continue to push yourself to make decisions, you will continue to acquire the knowledge, skills and experiences to become more confident with your decision-making.

No one knows the outcome.  When making decisions, it might be helpful to remember that no one ever makes a decision with a certainty of the outcome.  Not one person has the advantage of having an oracle, a crystal ball or a vision into the future.  Everyone is just winging it when it comes to decision-making, some people just do it with more confidence than others!  The only thing we can be certain of is that making a decision will propel movement in some direction to create change, and change is always good!

There are no wrong decisions.  Decisions are only perceived as “wrong” when they don’t turn out the way that we expected them to. Not every decision will lead to instantaneous gratification or be the final decision you have to make before reaching your goals, but it is still as step forward in one direction.   Sometimes we must trust that life will give us what we need but not always give us what we want.

Lastly, learn to trust your intuition and remember that the only way to become an expert sailor of your life is to veer of course every now and then

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