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Thinking About Your Triumphs and Strivings…

Take a moment to work through the questions below:

  1. What has happened in your personal life that you are particularly proud of? Think about your psychological triumphs, times when things were even better than you expected, periods when you came through trials and tribulations in even better shape. Think also about periods of stress that you survived and mastered, challenges you met, etc.
  2. How have these successes shaped your life? How have they affected the way you think of yourself and your capabilities? How have they affected your goal setting?
  3. What role has pride (the feeling of being proud, being praised, expressing praise for others) played in your life? As a young child, can you remember if a parent (or another adult) showed that he/she was proud of your accomplishments? If so, how? How have other people responded to your accomplishments?
  4. How was love shown in your family growing up? Was affection/warmth readily expressed? If not, are there any affects or implications of this in your present life and relationships?
  5. What difficult events or periods have you experienced in your life? Write about any significant psychological injuries that you have sustained, your losses, disappointments and struggles. Were there periods of stress on loneliness in your life?
  6. How have you moved passed these difficult events or time periods in the past?
  7. How did you strengthen and heal yourself, allowing you to move forward?
  8. How do these difficult events or periods continue to affect you today?
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