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Simple Tools To Help You Live Your Dream Right Now…

Today I am pleased to feature a guest post from a fellow Columbia graduate, talented doctor and friend, Dr. Cori Seyhoon. In this post, Dr. Seyhoon gives us some simple tools to help us live our dreams and our lives to the fullest:

Now is the time for you to live the life of your dreams and fulfill your purpose. It’s not about tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year. It’s NOW. Each moment you are here is precious and each moment counts. Pay attention to how you spend your mini-moments and you will be empowered to change anything in an instant. Stop waiting for when you will have a) enough time b) enough money c) enough support d) enough XYZ.

Action Exercise: What is your purpose? Why is it compelling to you? What do you do each day to support your purpose? Write it down.

In practice, I encounter people daily who put themselves and their dreams last, which oftentimes leads to illness, fatigue, and a restlessness that takes up space in their mindbody. It’s interesting to observe the patterns that develop in these patients and note that they feel “stuck.” The good news is that it’s actually pretty easy to remove the adhesive backing from our frames and free ourselves both physically and psychologicially. Here are some easy exercises from personal research and Dr. Rob Yeung (The Extra One Percent) that will help you get “unstuck.”

1)   Activate your curiosity, learn about things outside your current field of knowledge. Creative genius comes from the strangest places, not from being in your comfort zone .

2)   Work in a team environment where you can receive acknowledgement and feedback about your work. Feedback is imperative to growth. We aren’t the best judges of ourselves, so we need others to help reflect information back in a productive way, so we can make the necessary changes to improve.

3)   Focus on others and put your full attention on someone else. This means practice active listening and don’t attempt this if you can’t provide someone your full, undivided attention, or it will backfire. Practicing empathy & focusing outward builds emotional IQ and breeds success.

4)   Practice “both” thinking, rather than “either/or,” which means oftentimes we feel we are being greedy if we do “both,” however it’s often practical, fun, and creative to figure out ways to do “both” things you really want, rather than sacrifice one.

5)   Bring yourself to account each day. Consider what works and what doesn’t work. Write it down. Move forward.

6)   Challenge negative messages that you tell yourself = Learned Optimism (Dr. Martin Seligman).

7)   Surround yourself with people who are like the person you would like to become.

8)   Remember: the biggest barrier to success is not skill, money, or experience, it’s psychological.

About Our Guest Blogger: Dr. Cori Seyhoon always knew she would do something she loved for a living. As a NCAA Division I Collegiate Athlete (Women’s Soccer), Dr. Seyhoon has always had a strong passion for sports, health and wellness, which prompted her to pursue a career that combined all three. Dr. Seyhoon’s vision for helping patients achieve their health goals is to provide them with world-class chiropractic care through a holistic approach to health and wellness. It is her belief that taking this holistic view of treatment enables each chiropractic intervention to obtain the fullest and most beneficial results, utimately leading to improved overall health, and not just treatment of symptoms. She is fascinated and passionate about wellness and improving one’s quality of life. Her most recent athletic endeavors include participating in Half Marathons around the country, such as Austin, TX and New Orleans, LA. You can follow Dr. Cori Seyhoon on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/#!/drcoriseyhoon or visit her company website here: http://rockchiropracticleander.com/


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