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Today I started to think about the topic of self-acceptance. It’s important to remember to try to accept yourself…and remember that you are not just the size of your bank account, the neighborhood you live in or what you do from 9:00am – 5:00pm (or later!) during the work week. Every one of us is a distinct mixutre of abilities and limitations.

I was recently discussing the idea of New Year’s resolutions with a colleague. Instead of dwelling on things that are wrong in our lives, how about we take a different approach? Resolve to accept yourself…It’s about acknowledging that (shortcomings and all) people are good and complete in many ways.

A friend recently told me that she felt that she felt stuck in a never-ending self-improvement cycle that she could not seem to escape. She would constantly try to correct and change herself, and the failure to execute these changes actually grew to be worse than the original problem itself. She felt completely out of control…with the pressures to change and the corresponding weight of her lack of success to make these change(s).

Self-acceptance does not mean ignoring your faults. It also does not mean staying put, refusing to grow or change in any way. Instead, it means believing in yourself and your value in the world. Never stop learning or adapting…

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