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Family Therapy

Family therapy provides a unique opportunity to bring the entire family system together in order to cope with many different problems and situations.

Oftentimes, an individual family member may be identified as having the problem, yet it is likely that the entire family system is affected.  While working with families, I focus on creating a safe and therapeutic environment in order to achieve healthy interactions, growth and healing.

Family therapy may include:

  • Communication skills and conflict resolution
  • Divorce, separation, loss
  • Blended family transition
  • Anxiety, depression, trauma
  • Life transitions
  • Family life balance
  • Family business consulting (see more below)
I am dedicated to helping family firms succeed through improved structure and better communication between boards, families, and management teams. As a licensed marriage and family therapist and former member of the corporate world, I bring a unique perspective to working with business families.
Family businesses, whether multi-national, multi-billion dollar enterprises or small mom-and-pop companies, exhibit complex dynamics for which a family therapist is uniquely suited. I understand how families and their businesses interact. Often the business – and the money and all that it represents – becomes a silent yet powerful member of the family itself. From a systems perspective, I gather information from all involved in the family business, taking a meta position and carefully examining the patterns and processes. I encourage family members to stay clear-headed, maintain their values and communicate honestly and fully.

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