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My Personal Mission Statement

My post today is focused on helping you to crate your very own personal mission statement. Many of my clients tell me that they get so busy in their everyday lives that it’s easy for them to lose sight of what really matters to them and what’s truly important. They feel like they are lost without a compass. We can become immersed in negative self-talk and forget what we truly to do and how we want to live our lives.

Having a clearly defined idea of what we believe in, deserve and want out of life gives us the ability to reflect and assess if we’re living in line with these thoughts on a daily basis. It’s all about clarity.

When you write your personal mission statement, take a look at the questions below to help guide you. You might want to post this document at home on your wall, your fridge or even carry it around with you in your wallet. This document will act as a reminder to yourself to stay on course…kind of like a roadmap. You can of course edit and refine it as you see fit and as your life circumstances change. After all, life is indeed ever changing. Define the person that you are meant to be!

Questions To Ponder:

When I think about my perfect day, it looks like this:

This is how I want to feel in my daily life:

My most fulfilling and healthy relationships can be described as:

I feel my best when:

I most value:

If I could have any job in the entire world, I would:

These are some things I deserve:

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