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Making Positive Changes in 2013 (that will actually last!)….

A Positive Affirmation for the New Year

In 2013, I choose…

  • To live by choice, not by chance
  • To be motivated, not manipulated
  • To be useful, not used
  • To make changes, not excuses
  • To excel, not compete
  • I choose self-esteem, not self-pity
  • I choose to listen to my inner voice, not to the random opinion of others

Thinking About Change in 2013…

Every year, many of us make well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions that never quite seem to transform our lives in the way(s) we had hoped. Resolutions can be focused on many diverse areas of life: health, exercise, relationships, and personal finances or on larger overarching topics like positive self-growth and spiritual healing. For many of us, just the thought of making a meaningful life change can bring some degree of optimism and happiness. We feel good about growth and change…or at least about the thought of growth and change.

As human beings, we are creatures of habit. We run on auto-pilot. We seem to seek change in the same way (over and over) each year…oftentimes with similar (lackluster) results. Unfortunately as time marches onwards away from the start of the new year, our resolutions seem to fade into the distance.

Change starts out as a simple thought – driven by a wish for things to be different or better. This thought sets us into a state of forward motion but many of us lack the actual commitment to make our resolutions a reality. Why? We lack action. Simply having a positive intention isn’t enough to break us out of our auto-pilot mode and drag us out of our comfort zone.

Making a sustainable life change is much more difficult than simply getting the ball rolling. As human beings, we make a little bit of headway towards our goal, feel that we’re on the road to success and don’t continue pushing forward in an active and consistent way. We slide back into our comfort zone and the status quo resumes. We lose our motivation as our habitual patterns take over. We feel stuck when we find ourselves back engaging in the same old thoughts, feelings and behavioral patterns.

In order to really break out of our comfort zones, we must make bold changes. We must embrace change and not let anything stand in our way. This is not easy! When you engage in any new behavior it feels uncomfortable. It feels like something is “off” and it’s hard to adjust. I encourage my clients to embrace change and back it up with the required energy to make it sustainable, not fleeting.

This steadfast commitment, if grounded in action, can lead to a turning point. This can be described as an instant in which we become so invested in the change we desire, that we commit to making real change in our lives.

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