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Identifying Barriers to Change…

If you’re like me, and most other people, there are things in your life that you wish were different and would like to change for the better. Although you may have had the best intentions to change in the past, for some reason you have not been able to successfully achieve the results you want.


Perhaps you have wanted to kick a bad habit. Or you feel you deserve a raise or promotion at work, yet something is preventing you from asking for it. Or, like many of my clients, you find yourself in a relationship that is no longer fulfilling. Maybe you have wanted to lose weight, and have tried all the miracle diets, or joined a local health club, but never shed those extra pounds.


When working with clients, I like to identify concrete goals for change, in addition to barriers or roadblocks which are keeping them “stuck”. Below are some questions you can ask yourself which can assist with change and moving forward.

  1. Ask yourself: what change do you want to make, and why?
  2. How can you make that change, what are three concrete steps you can identify?
  3. How long will it take to make this change?
  4. What has created this problem in the first place? Think carefully about the origin.
  5. What thoughts or outside factors encourage your change?
  6. What do people in your life say? Do they encourage you or stand in the way of your change?
  7. Try to identify potential barriers to change.
  8. What thoughts keep you from changing?
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