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Accepting That You Aren’t Perfect…

Growing is like climbing a large mountain. If you know that you have a firm footing, then you push up with confidence and it can be fun. As you set out to grow and enjoy the process, some people around you may try to set you back, instead of encouraging you forward.  People in your life might remind you that you (or your efforts) are less than perfect.

It is important to remember that as human beings we all have flaws, weaknesses, and quirks. Even when we work on the things we can work on, we’ll still be human, and still make mistakes.

I like to remind my clients that it’s alright NOT to be perfect.  The following “nevertheless” skill takes this form:

Even though I AM NOT PERFECT, nevertheless…(fill in the blank with one of the following “nevertheless” statements:

– I am trying.

– I am learning.

– I am on course and moving forward.

– I’m finding my way.

– I still enjoy trying.

– I think I can improve.

– I appreciate my efforts, and I have as much right to try as anyone.

– I’m developing in other ways.

– I’m more today than I was yesterday.

– I can still persist and get it done.

When you encounter an event that might be a threat to your self-esteem, try to use one of the “nevertheless” statements above.

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