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A Therapist’s Promise…

Another colleague shared this passage and I thought it an wonderful way to look at the therapeutic relationship. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

A Therapist’s Promise

“I will do my best to understand who you are. I will do my best do be who  I am.  I will not judge you or try to control your life. I will not tell you what to do.  I cannot make you grow or do your growing for you.  I will help you become more aware, more loving, more able to fashion a richer, fuller life for which you accept responsibility.  I cannot protect you from the pain and suffering of life.  Pain will be part of the experience we share.  I will help you to face it, accept it and use it to grow.  I will be present.  I will not hide from you, even when I am afraid.

I will be with you as long as I see, in the smallest way, that you are trying to grow.  I will not journey with you to help you become ‘normal, adjusted, self-satisfied’ person.  Nor will I help you whine and wallow in the misery of your life.  I will help you take charge of your life and reinvent it.

I invite you to tell your story as honestly and truly as you are capable of telling it.  I may tell you part of my story when it is appropriate and helpful to do so.   I will say hello to you as honestly as I know how, but my commitment is to encounter you in such a way that you will decide to say good-bye.

I will help you let go of outgrown and worn-out ways of being so you can be renewed.  It may be painful and terrifying to let go of the old you.

I believe there is something in this world, here, now in each of us, restlessness of something that will not lie in stillness, which seeks renewal, which seeks to bring us together in responsible love, which invites us to grow and become.  We can deny this human spirit. We can deny its expression  or we can encounter one another in such a way that we will honor it by freeing each other to grow and be.”

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